Our portfolio so far

Tailfins started with our famous key chains in the Summer of 2020. The ultimate goal is to recycle and upcycle as much as possible. We are always being innovative and creating new products.

Key chains

The very first product was crafted from authentic pieces of aircraft and are based on the iconic vertical stabiliser shape. They are individually hand finished and assembled. The registration and limited edition numbers are etched on to each piece – So you know yours is unique! A nickel eyelet is punched through and the final wire loop added. Each comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Edition #1 (G-CIVG) was smaller than the current size.


The next product created, we used some spare pieces of G-ZZZC to make our coasters. Each set has a luxurious felt backing with rounded corners. Measuring 8.5cm x 8.5cm, these are etched like the key chains. The sets are always very limited and make a great addition to the coffee table. 

Cuff links

Following a request from a pilot wishing to have a memento from a Triple 7 (G-ZZZC), we released our signature cuff links commemorating G-CIVE Edition #5 . Keeping with the theme of recycling, our branded presentation boxes are made from recycled material. The cuff links are finished off with the registration of the aircraft they have been crafted from.  Imagine the conversation about these at the next wedding or job interview?

Stringer sections

Being resourceful, we wanted to reuse more of the material and these horizontal sections go behind the fuselage skin. These hold the skin with rivets upon these frame-like sections. They span the length of the aircraft and differ in shapes/design but provide the same purpose. Sections are then etched with the registration and the limited edition numbers. We first introduced these with G-CIVE Edition #5 with only 8 pieces available differing in lengths.

Fridge magnets

A new edition, a new product. With amount of material we had for Olympic Flame, it gave us the opportunity to look at creating something new. It enabled us to save even more material to be kept as a keepsake from this classic aircraft. Each piece measures L: 8.4cm x W:3.9cm.

Wall clocks

We’ve always wanted to created some form of a clock and finally settled on the designs. The first clock to be released was from Olympic Flame. The patina and original paint gives the clock a focal point. Our second clock was crafted from British Airways 747-400 G-CIVE.

The Clocks comes with sweeping second hands and an almost silent motor.

Skin squares

Having found that sometimes there are materials left over, we wanted to ensure these were not lost. We created skin squares which are great keepsakes for any aviation fans.

Depending on the aircraft some have great features!

Desktop clocks

After a request about a smaller clock, we introduced the desktop clock. Measuring 17cm by 13cm, these clock are a great addition to any desk.

They certainly are a great conversation starter!

Available at www.Partofaplane.com with worldwide shipping. UK P&P FREE! Check out the full range

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