Edition History

The complete history of Tailfins key chains…

Tailfins started with just 25 limited edition pieces from an aircraft previously belonging to British Airways. It was a 747-400 and we crafted 25 limited edition pieces from its lower blue fuselage.

The product design was key and it had to be something iconic and instantly recognisable.  Tailfins was born in Summer 2020.

Below is the complete list of key chains since the start of Tailfins.

/Serial No.
Airline / OperatorsAircraftNo. of
Tailfins key chains
Edition #6SX-OAD
Olympic Airways
(Previously Singapore Airlines)
Edition #5G-CIVEBritish Airways / British Asia Airways747-400200
Edition #4ZA449Royal Air ForceTornado GR480
Edition #3G-ZZZCBritish Airways777-200110
Edition #2G-CIVMBritish Airways747-400190
Edition #1G-CIVGBritish Airways747-40025
Information sources: planespotters.net, www.airfleets.net, and thebasource.com
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