EDITION #7 Airbus A310-300 N815FD

Tomas Del Coro


Airbus A310-300
Reg: N815FD (prev EC-117, EC-FNI, VR-BOU, EC-640, EC-FXB, F-WQHN, F-GJEZ, F-OJAF)
MSN: 638
Name: Tommy
Airlines: FedEx (previously Oasis International, Air Charter and Air Afrique)

Release date: 10th May 2021

Photo courtesy of Tomas Del Coro


It’s time we added an Airbus to the Tailfins family. Our next edition is an Airbus A310-300 (MSN 638) which started life as a passenger plane but ended up as a cargo aircraft.

Oasis International Airlines took delivery back in 1992 and then it moved to a French based Air Charter for a brief time. It wasn’t long before it moved again and joined the fleet of Air Afrique.
With striking livery, Air Afrique flew into the new millennium.

After just 15 years, it was time for MSN 638 to close its chapter flying passengers. But wait!!!! This plane was not finished yet!

Its next life was just starting but this time as a cargo plane for FedEx. With the registration N815FD assigned, it took off delivering parcels and freight around the world.

Like in many aspects of the transportation industry, people have named their vehicles, ships, trains and even planes.

Many of the FedEx planes are named after employees’ children’s names and N815FD was named ‘Tommy’.

There are multiple products we’re creating from as much material as possible. Stay tuned for updates.

Limited Edition key chain: 80 pieces

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Pairs (Purple/White)17 (pairs)
White (partial double skin)20
Bi colour (Purple & White)6

Limited Edition coaster: 1 set

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Purple/White set1 (4 peices)

Special Notes:

FedEx aircraft names are drawn from a lottery of employees’ kids names. Please note, Paint may flake due to the storage weather conditions in California. The sections were cut from the rear of the plane where the purple meets the white.

Photos courtesy of Tom Ing

Sold exclusively at www.Partofaplane.com with worldwide shipping. UK P&P FREE!

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