EDITION #5 Boeing 747-400 G-CIVE


Boeing 747-400
MSN: 27350
Name: City of Sunderland
Airlines: British Airways/British Asia Airways

Release date: 20th February 2021

Photo courtesy of Thomas Moloney (G-CIVE in previous livery colours)


This edition is extra special. Our latest release is the Boeing 747-400 and British Airways took delivery way back in 1994. G-CIVE was then leased to British Asia Airways, given the name “City of Sunderland” and painted in the iconic Landor livery with a slight difference! The tailfin had Chinese characters which translated to ‘British Asia’ instead of the quartered union flag and coat of arms. After flying the skies, the aircraft returned and was updated with union livery.

The real special element to this wonderful giant is that it took part in Dreamflight, a UK charity that changes children’s lives. They do this by taking children with a serious illness or disability, on the holiday of a lifetime to Florida.

The massive 747 would take the children across the Atlantic to have the time of their lives. It was and still is a remarkable gesture.

In its lifetime, this aircraft flew 13,356 flights covering 117,086 hours. That’s around 55 million miles![1]

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There are multiple products we’re creating from as much material as possible. Stay tuned for updates.

Limited Edition key chain: 200 pieces

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Bi-Colour (Blue/white) (take from the airlines name)19
No. 001 & 200 (not sold) & 068 (Competition piece)

Limited Edition Stringer sections: 8 pieces

DimensionsNumberSpecial notes
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:24.5cm01/08Longest
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:19.5cm02/08
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:18.5cm03/08Extra riveted backing plate
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:14.2cm04/08
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:3.5cm05/08Shortest
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:19.2cm06/08
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:17.7cm07/09
H:3.3cm W:6.5cm L:14.8cm08/08
All pieces have blue fuselage skin attached to them All available

Limited Edition coasters: 3 sets (4 pieces)

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Total3 sets
Blue with Red felt backing4 pieces
1 set comprises of 4 coasters All available

Limited Edition cuff links: 3 sets

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Total3 sets
Blue3 pairs
All available

Limited Edition wall clock One only

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Blue with Red felt backing1
All available

Special Notes:

You can also read more about what happened to British Asia Airways here in an article by Emily Derrick from Simply Flying.

Tailfins donated £200 to the *ocean clean up charity to help their work combating waste in the oceans.

*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Ocean Clean Up or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

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