EDITION #4 Panavia Tornado “Tonka” ZA449


Panavia Tornado GR4
Reg: ZA449
MSN: 240/BS079/3115
Nickname: Tonka
Flown: Royal Air Force

Release date: 19th January 2021

Photo courtesy from Paul Harvey


Our first military release is none other than the Panavia Tornado which was a multi-role combat aircraft. This particular GR4, registration ZA449, joined the RAF in June 1983 confirmed by Air Historical Branch (RAF) at RAF Northolt. Our initial research indicates this aircraft flew with No.2, No.15, and No.31 Squadrons, possibly more throughout its life.

In later years ZA449 flew on Operation Shader missions before reaching retirement in 2019. It also took part in the 2019 Tornado Farewell Flypasts as the camera ship before finishing its long career at Marham.

The Tornado has been an integral part for the Royal Air Force since rolling out in the late 70’s. With a swept wing design, the twin engines could power the aircraft way beyond the speed of sound. Include mid-air refuelling and various weapons capabilities, the ‘Tonka’ was formidable.

Our limited edition key chains were crafted from the top of the aircraft on the starboard side of the spine, just behind the right hand engine air intake.

A truly memorable piece to collect.

Limited Edition key chain: 80 pieces

Colour Variations:

Special Notes:

Our first military version will come in grey singles or a pair of grey and green Tailfins.

Photos courtesy from Paul Harvey and Chris Huggett

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2 thoughts on “EDITION #4 Panavia Tornado “Tonka” ZA449

  1. Not one to criticize, but, I do believe that ZA449 did NOT take part in the Finale flypast of March 2019, as I have video of it being towed away to be scrapped in Feburary 2019, it may have took part in the 4 ship flypast of that month (Feb)


  2. Hi Trevor, Thanks for letting me know about this information that’s come to light. I will double check the source info that we have and see what I can find out. Thanks again & best wishes.


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