EDITION #3 Boeing 777-200 G-ZZZC


Boeing 777-200
MSN: 27107
Name: Unknown
Airlines: British Airways (sole user of aircraft)

Release date: 15th November 2020

Photo courtesy of – John Taggart


The early Triple 7’s have recently hit their 25th birthday! Our edition was the very first Boeing 777-200 delivered to British Airways in late 1995. In fact, MSN 27107 was an early edition being no:15 off the production line at the Everett factory.
The aircraft was assigned registration G-ZZZC and only under British Airways for the entire life. It covered flights far afield as Canada, Dubai, North America and many more whilst globetrotting.

It was in January 2006, whilst being pushed back at London Heathrow (LHR), the airplane was involved in a minor accident[1]. G-ZZZC’s left wing came into contact with an adjacently parked Boeing 747-400. Both aircraft required repairs and after being carried out, went on to fly the skies above us.

A piece of this special and long serving aircraft with a wonderful history is now available to own in blue, blue and white colour schemes.

[1] Source: https://www.gov.uk/aaib-reports/boeing-777-236-g-zzzc-10-january-2006

Limited Edition key chain: 110 pieces

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Mixed (Blue with white tip or triangle)12
Bi-Colour (Blue and white)24
No.1 / 110 is not sold

Limited Edition coasters: 1 set (4 pieces)

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Blue and White with Red felt backing4
Only 1 set made

Special Notes:

This 777-200 served British Airways on one of the shortest connection flights between Bahrain and Dammam. It took just 16 minutes to cover 30 miles! Read the full story over at Simply Flying covered by Tom Boon.

Photo courtesy of – Aero Icarus

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