EDITION #13 Panavia Tornado GR.1 ZA590


Panavia Tornado GR.1
Reg: ZA590
MSN: 101/BS033/3054
Flown: Royal Air Force

Release date: 21st July 2022


After the first military Tailfins release, we had several messages asking if we’d do another. We had other commercial aircraft to come but we can now slot in another Tornado. 

This particular GR.1 rolled off the production line and took its first flight way back in December 1981. This particular aircraft was one of the early ones during the many years they were made. It had the build number BS033 and registered ZA590.

The Royal Air Force took delivery a few months later in early 1982. This multi role aircraft had space for two people and could smash through the sound barrier with ease. In fact, the maximum speed was Mach 2.2 using it’s powerful RB.199 engines.

Research indicates this Tornado was with 9 (Bomber) and 45 Squadrons during its operational life. Interestingly, ZA590 doesn’t appear to have been upgraded to a GR.4 and remained a GR.1 until it was eventually withdrawn. After 20 years of service, the aircraft was scrapped.

Our Tailfins keychains, have been crafted from the left hand intake cover panel L207. 

Note: Etching was carried out on the reverse side due to difficulties with the original grey paintwork.

Limited Edition key chain: 20 pieces

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
3 failed QA & not sold

Sold exclusively at www.Partofaplane.com with worldwide shipping. UK P&P FREE!

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