EDITION #12 Boeing 747-400 G-BNLE


Boeing 747-400
MSN: 24047
Name: City of Newcastle
Airlines: British Airways

Release date: 12th March 2022

Photo courtesy of Adrian Pingstone (wikipedia)


It is 1989, and Batman is released on video tape…remember those cassettes! At around the same time British Airways took ownership of their latest 747-400. MSN 24047 rolled out painted in the classic Landor colours and given the reg G-BNLE. The 747 took pride of place in the BA fleet among the other Queen of the skies.

During this era, BA named their planes after cities in the UK and G-BNLE was no different. The name “City of Newcastle” was placed near door 1.

Several years passed as the Queen of the skies flew around the world and in 2000 it was time for a new livery. The Union Flag/Chatham Dockyard livery was added it wasn’t long before the Queen graced the skies once more.

Over the next few years, G-BNLE had a few issues such as,

  • 2002 sustained damage to the nose after contact with a 777 while being towed at Heathrow
  • 2014 hit by lightning during a flight to Houston.

After 25 years, the Queen of the skies was retired and flew to Victorville for storage in late 2014. The aircraft remained there for several years in the warm weather and we managed to save a piece of this iconic plane.

Note: Only 25 were made for our anniversary, mirroring the first Tailfins from G-CIVG, but due to delays they weren’t released until March 2022.

Limited Edition key chain: 25 pieces

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
No 14 failed QA & not sold

Sold exclusively at www.Partofaplane.com with worldwide shipping. UK P&P FREE!

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