EDITION #11 Airbus A330-200 G-OMYT


Airbus A330-200
Reg: G-OMYT (prev G-MOJO)
MSN: 301
Name: n/a
Airlines: Thomas Cook (Airtours, Premiair, Garuda Indonesia, and MyTravel)

Release date: November 2021

Photo by Quintin Soloviev (CC BY-SA 4.0)


It was the end of the 20th century and our latest aircraft, the Airbus A330, departed Toulouse ready for two decades of holiday travel. MSN 301 started life first with Airtours and went back and forth with Premiair and MyTravel over the next few years. It was assigned the registration G-MOJO during this period of time. As Austin Power would say about mojo ….. “Yeah baby!

Records show that it was re-registered as G-OMYT during 2003 while under MyTravel but only a few years later it was leased to the Indonesian carrier, Garuda.

With a new Thomas Cook livery in 2008, the plane set off to serve the British public once again. Holiday makers would fly to far reaching destinations. However, the sun was setting on Thomas Cook and after 178 years the firm went into liquidation in September 2019.

The three A330’s; G-MDBD, G-MLJL and our 11th Edition G-OMYT were all stored at Manchester awaiting a buyer. Unfortunately, no one came forward and in the end all were scrapped. The iconic livery was gone but we had the chance to save some pieces from the dark grey lettering that adorned the side of the aircraft.

There will be coasters and cufflinks available from G-OMYT. Stay tuned for updates for the possibility of a small run of keychains.

Limited Edition coaster: 5 sets

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
White/Grey5 sets
4 coasters are in 1 set

Limited Edition cufflinks: 20 sets

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Grey14 sets
Natural metal6 sets

Limited Edition keychains: 50 sets

Colour OptionsTotal Quantities
Grey, White & Bi3 sets
Bi Grey/White

Special Notes:

The grey is from the “THOMAS COOK” wording from the side of the aircraft.

In June 2013, a fan blade from within the engine failed, causing an aborted take off and the A330 safely retuned to the airport terminal. The full AAIB bulletin can be found here.

Sold exclusively at www.Partofaplane.com with worldwide shipping. UK P&P FREE!

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