EDITION #10 Boeing 737-300 G-CELV


Boeing 737-300
Reg: G-CELV (prev VH-CZI)
MSN: 23661
Name: Amsterdam
Airlines: Jet2 (previously Ansett /Ansett Australia)

Release date: Withrawn Pre-orders

Photo courtesy of MKY661: This file is made available under the Creative Commons


G’day! Time for another classic and this time it is a narrow body.   This plane set out life down under in sunny Australia. Ansett Airlines, founded by Reg Ansett, received the plane way back in December 1986.  The registration was VH-CZI and flew all over Australia. To avoid creating a monopoly Ansett Airlines split into Ansett Australia (this plane in 1991) and Ansett New Zealand.

Not long into the millennium, Ansett was placed into administration and the 737 would need a new home.  This was half way round the world in the UK with Channel Express in the October of 2002 and registered at G-CELV.

This airline was rebranded to the now known low-cost airlines Jet2.  They have a striking sparkly silver colour scheme, which is very different from the standard white we see on many airlines today.  Their first flight was from Leeds Bradford to Amsterdam.  In fact, it was named “Amsterdam” as the airline appeared to name their aircraft after destinations on their route network.

After 15 years’ service and seeking more fuel and environmentally friendly aircraft, the time was up for G-CELV. 

Special Notes:

After continued investigations, I’ve decided to withdraw the pre-order for Edition 10. After reviewing multiple pieces of evidence, photo’s, information & conversations with direct source, I don’t have 100% confidence in the particular metal is from this aircraft G-CELV.

As a small independent business, I take pride in my work and it’s based on honesty, authenticity and quality. There will be NO pieces available from this edition.
As none have been shipped or in circulation they will now all be destroyed/recycled.
I will be liaising with partofaplane shortly to issue refunds out to those pre-orders sales.

It’s not the news I wanted to share nor what I wanted to ever experience but hopefully this clears everything up including no other problems with any other editions.

Thank you always for your continued support.
Onwards to Edition #11

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