EDITION #1 Boeing 747-400 G-CIVG


Boeing 747-400
MSN: 25813
Name: City of Wells
Airlines: British Airways (sole user of aircraft)

Release date: 23rd August 2020

Photo by Mike McBey


There could be only one…a very special gesture to the “Queen of the Skies”. However, that was not enough, it had to turned up to an 11 after all this was going to be big! The only way we could make the Boeing 747 even more special, was to acquire the beautiful blue from the Union flag / Chatham Dockyard livery of a British Airways behemoth. This extra special plane registered G-CIVG had only recently reached the end of its life whilst flying all the time with British Airways. It lifted off 6th April 1995 along with, at the time, Take That’s No.1’s hit “Back for Good”.

It is now “back for good” as an extremely limited edition run of just 25, individually numbered pieces. They are each accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity including some brief information about the aircraft.

Limited Edition key chain: 25 pieces

Colour Variations:

  • Blue only

Special notes:

Twenty five trees were donated to represent the 25 pieces created from G-CIVG.

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