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Edition #13 Tornado GR.1 ZA590

Our Tailfins keychains, made from the planes fuselage, can be attached to your keys, luggage tags or aviation flight gear. Find our full range over at PartOfAPlane.com who are our exclusive distributors based in the UK & ship worldwide!

Edition #13 Panavia Tornado GR.1 (ZA590)

Back by popular demand, the next release is a military jet from the early 1980’s…None other than the Tornado. This time we have managed to save pieces from a GR.1 aircraft. Read more about this fantastic fighter

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 101/BS033/3054

  • Only 20 Limited edition pieces
  • Only available in Grey
  • Complete with new backing card

Only £19.95

Only available at www.Partofaplane.com with worldwide shipping. UK P&P FREE! Check out the full range

Edition #12 G-BNLE 747-400 British Airways cufflinks

What better way to celebrate the Queen of the skies…but how about wearing it! That’s right, we’ve taken some left over fuselage skin and and crafted these elegant cufflinks. These are stunning!

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 24047

  • Only 25 Limited edition pairs
  • Presented in a cushion box
  • Not just for that special occasion – but any occasion!


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Photo courtesy of Photo by Adrian Pingstone (wikipedia)

Photo courtesy of Photo by Anna Zereva CC BY-SA 2.0

Edition withdrawn before release

Please read more below.

Boeing 737 (G-CELV)

Photo courtesy of Konstantin von Wedelstaedt (This file is made available under the Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Eric Salard

Photo courtesy of Grzegorz Kubicki

Photo courtesy of Tomas Del Coro

Photo courtesy of Bob Adams

Photo courtesy of Thomas Moloney

Edition #4

Tornado GR4 (ZA449)

ZA449 Photo courtesy from Paul Harvey

G-ZZZC Photo by John Taggart

G-CIVM Photo by Alec Wilson

G-CIVG photo by Mike McBey

Each of our Tailfins are crafted using actual aircraft fuselage cuts that are no longer flying and have been saved from disappearing forever. These authentic and original pieces vary in colour, shape, finish and thickness. They are not altered or surface polished which leaves them as a true, accurate piece of aviation history. They are hand crafted, meaning each one is unique with certain subtle differences. They bear the limited edition number and reference to the aircraft, which could be the registration or serial number. As each key chain is unique, any pictures are for display purposes unless selecting that particular one when ordering. These are collectables and not toys so we don’t recommend these for children. Do not eat or place in mouth as these items have the aircraft chemical based paints on them. All aircraft manufacturers and airlines are registered trademarks of their own companies. Information on this site is for the purpose of reference only. No affiliations, endorsements from manufacturers or airlines unless stated. We hope you enjoy your ‘one of a kind’ Tailfins Aviation Product.

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