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Edition #4 Panavia Tornado GR4 “Tonka” ZA449

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ZA449 Image with thanks and courtesy of Chris Huggett

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Ships w/c 25th January.

Edition #4 Release date 19th January 2021

For decades the Tornado flew the skies and went beyond the speed of sound. It was helped with twin powerful engines and its swept wings. The formidable Tornado GR4 limited edition key chains are crafted from an actual piece of its fuselage. [Read more]

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 240/BS079/3115

  • Limited edition (Only 80 created)
  • Comes in two varieties…
  • Single colour (Grey)
  • Pairs (two Tailfins in Grey and Green with “Tonka” etched across both)

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Edition #3 G-ZZZC New product

With some left-over pieces, we’ve managed to hand craft a set of four coasters. There is only one set available from this Boeing 777-200 delivered to British Airways (G-ZZZC).

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 27107

Coaster set (one set only)

  • Limited edition (4 pieces)
  • Mixed colour (Blue and White)
  • Luxurious red felt backing
  • 8.5cm x 8.5cm square

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Edition #3 Release date 15th November 2020

The early triple 7’s has recently hit their 25th birthday! Our edition was the very first Boeing 777-200 delivered to British Airways in late 1995. what better way to celebrate than owning a very limited piece the fuselage skin.

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 27107

  • Limited edition (Only 110)
  • Comes in three varieties…
  • Single colour (Blue)
  • Mixed colour (Blue with white tip or white triangle
  • Bi-colour a lovely split of the iconic white & blue)

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Edition #2 Release date 23rd October 2020

Boeing 747-400 G-CIVM flew under British Airways since 1997. “Victor Mike” hit the headlines when it was reported that David Cameron’s bodyguard had left a loaded gun in one of the toilets onboard in early 2020.

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 28700

  • Limited edition (Only 190)
  • Larger size 8cm x 1.6cm x 5cm x 6cm
  • Comes in three varieties…
  • Plain colours (Red, White & Blue)
  • Multi colour (Red with White spots | Blue with White spots | Blue with Black spots
  • Livery set of three key chains (Red, White & Blue)

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Edition #1 Release date 23rd August 2020

Boeing 747-400 G-CIVG which flew under British Airways since 1995. It lifted off 6th April 1995 along with, at the time, Take That’s No.1’s hit “Back for Good”.

Manufacturer’s Serial Number: 25813

  • Limited edition (Only 25)
  • Small key chain
  • Each are accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity including some brief information about the aircraft.
  • Iconic blue

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Each of our Tailfins are crafted using actual aircraft fuselage cuts that are no longer flying and have been saved from disappearing forever. These authentic and original pieces vary in colour, shape, finish and thickness. They are not altered or surface polished which leaves them as a true, accurate piece of aviation history. They are hand crafted, meaning each one is unique with certain subtle differences. They bear the limited edition number and reference to the aircraft, which could be the registration or serial number. As each key chain is unique, any pictures are for display purposes unless selecting that particular one when ordering. These are not toys so we don’t recommend these for children. We hope you enjoy your ‘one of a kind’ Tailfins Aviation Product.